How to use your DIY Impression Kit

Thanks for purchasing Your Direct Dental Australian Device - your peaceful night's sleep isn't far away!. We take you step-by-step through your impression process and what’s in your Direct Dental Kit.

Your kit should come with:

1 x DIY Teeth Impression Kit (Please ignore the instructions on the back as we only need ONE upper impression)
1 x Plastic Sandwich Bag
1 x Return Satchel (Already filled and labelled)

Before taking your impression make sure you watch our video and/or read through the below steps several times to familiarize yourself with the process.


Your kit comes with a small and large (this has the curved bridge) impression tray. Choose your size and check if the impression tray is a comfortable fit and the correct length.

To do this - insert the impression tray, make sure it feels comfortable and ensure that the tray extends to or past your last molar as much as possible.

If it is the right length and a comfortable fit, move on to step 2.  If the two sized trays don't fit please message us straight away


Take out your catalyst putty (White Putty), knead and mix thoroughly together with the base putty (Blue Putty) until they become a uniform colour.

Once it is a uniform colour, roll between your hands into a sausage shape and place into the impression tray ensuring the tray is full.

It is important that these steps are done quickly before the putty hardens and before moving onto step 3.


Place the tray into your mouth and push up firmly using your two thumbs, one on each side of the tray. With your index finger, push the putty up high so it moulds around your gums to just under your nose. It is important that the putty goes high up past your teeth.

Wait for 2 minutes 30 seconds and then remove.

Importantly, DO NOT separate the impression from the tray. Your impression should look like the image on the screen.


Rinse your impression and allow to dry.

Once it is dry, insert the impression tray into the provided plastic bag and then into the self-addressed package which is then posted.

Once the dental lab receives your impression Your Direct Dental Australia Device will be manufactured and returned within 9 business days.

Thanks again for choosing Direct Dental Australia. Enjoy your peaceful nights sleep!