How are our guards made?

Our guards are made via unique cutting edge technology.  Once we receive your mould, we will 3D scan this and have your guard made via our digital milling process.  This removes any issues of human error/sanitary/handling issues.


How do I do the impression process?

Click here for our step by step guide and video tutorial


What material is used?

We use a thermoplastic (composite acrylic) for all our night guards and retainers. This is the same thermoplastic you would receive through a dentist


Are your guards hard or soft?

With our thermoplastic the guards are a hard plastic, this is known to be the most effective form of protection from night time grinding and also for maximizing the life of the guard.  Read our blog to find out more about which guard is best for you.


Where are you located?

We currently have several offices around Australia, in South Australia we have our logistics/warehouse and customer service team and in Melbourne and Sydney we have our dental labs.


How are the devices shipped?

Direct Dental Australia chooses to ship with Australia Post and tracking is available.


What is the main difference between the retainer and grind guards?

The retainer and grind guards are very similar, with a retainer however, we will ensure the guard comes up to the gum covering your teeth in full to ensure it retains your teeth effectively.  Grind guards will only come halfway up your teeth.  If want your grind guard to also act as a retainer, leave a note in your order to have the guard made to retainer specifications. 


How long does it take to make my guard?

Once your order is made, it will take roughly 3-5 business days to receive your impression kit.  Once we receive this back it will usually take 5 business days to have your custom night guard made.  Once made it will then be sent back out to you as a finished guard ready for use.


Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously, which is why we have a 30 day refund from time of your order.  If you have any issues with your guard, please get in contact with us and we can work with you to ensure you purchased the right guard initially and work on a solution that you are satisfied with.


Can you ship Internationally?

Please contact us directly if you are wanting to order outside of Australia.


I need to reorder my guard - do I have to do the impression process again?

If you are a repeat customer – fear not, we keep your impression scan on file! This is a complimentary service and we will happily provide a discount for repeat customers, get in touch with our team today to find out how.


Can I claim my purchase with my private health?

Unfortunately this is only possible by seeing a health professional in person.  As we are online only, this usually means you won’t be able to claim but we have priced our guards accordingly – you will see that we are still much more affordable and convenient even with a rebate.

What happens if i return a faulty/unsatisfactory impression?

Unfortunately, this can happen - if your unsure of the process or impression, send us a photo or message directly to Facebook or email (we normally reply instantly on Facebook!).  If another kit is sent out we wont charge for the additional kit but postage back to the lab is on the responsibility of the customer.  Please ensure you make every effort to watch our video to ensure you make a great impression, first time.