What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is simply put the involuntary grinding of teeth during sleep.  8 out 10 people will experience this at some stage of their life and this can be quite severe and damaging to your teeth and overall oral health.

Bruxism is the result of many different factors and more than likely is caused by external factors such as stress and anxiety, if you wake up with a sore jaw or teeth its usually a tell-tale sign of bruxism and you have spent a portion of your sleep grinding your teeth.

So how do our Grind Guard's work?

Well we are glad you asked.  The Grind Guard (also known as a dental splint, or night guard) forms a protective layer to stop the teeth literally grinding itself away and also damaging your teeths protective enamel.  Further to this, it is possible to grind your teeth away to a point where the only option is costly dental surgery to repair your teeth. 

The Grind Guard, night time dental guard provides a custom fit so it will not fall out during sleep. meaning it will remain effective in protecting your teeth throughout the night. 

Your grinding is as unique as you- there are different levels of grinders which is why we have different options. Most will be fine with the 2mm guard for night time grinding, but if you have had a guard in the past with severe wear or you clench your teeth, the 3mm guard is your best option for protection and longevity.

If your unsure drop us an email or a Facebook message and one of the team will be happy to help :)