About Us

Direct Dental Australia is made of a team of dental industry professionals. After many years working within the industry, our team have identified that a large percentage of Australians are subject to difficulties in obtaining dental devices & we knew there should be a simpler way.

There are numerous barriers, namely financial, but also predominantly the time associated with getting the devices you need. When it comes to dental needs, the process is lengthy, not only can there be wait times for an initial appointment to visit a dentist, you will often find yourself returning several times and then after all of that waiting months to receive your device.

In our fast paced society, there is no place for tedious processes in order to obtain vital dental support & this is why we are here today to help you find a high quality, faster & more affordable solution.

Direct Dental Australia is centred around our aim to lead the way by disrupting the dental industry and changing Australians perceptions and understanding of how they can access their dental needs. By removing the middleman, the power is in your hands by dealing directly with the team at Direct Dental Australia.

Buying with Direct Dental is buying Australian Made, ensuring you have peace of mind that you are receiving a quality product made by a qualified dental technician, in fact the very same dental technician that a dentist would use and also saving yourself potentially thousands in the process.