Introducing Australia’s most affordable custom made Grind Guard

The thing about grinding your teeth & clenching your jaw is that most of the time it is completely subconscious. Even those of us who grind in our sleep, we don’t actually know if we do it all the time or just sometimes which can make it really hard when it comes to making the decision to get a grind guard. 

When you don’t know how often or how severely you’re grinding it can be challenging to know if it’s even worth investing into a grind guard. We have the solution! Introducing, Australia’s most affordable grind guard! 

At 1.5mm, our newest grind guard is perfect for those who are light or occasional grinders or simply just don’t know how much they are grinding, if at all! Completely unobtrusive and suitable for day wear and comfortable for a good night’s sleep, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. 


The best part is that it is still custom made, especially for you!

With Direct Dental Australia's quick & easy impression kits there’s no dentist visit necessary & the best part is that if it turns out you’re a heavier grinder than you first thought, we have your impression on file & can assist you in getting a thicker guard more suited to your needs.