10 Signs You Might Be A Grinder!

A staggering 50% of the population will experience a prolonged period of teeth grinding at some stage or another, and most won’t even know it! 

Grinding your teeth night after night can cause serious damage to not only your teeth, but also your chewing muscles and jaw joints. Identifying whether you grind your teeth or not is crucial to preventing further damage to your teeth and mouth and the chronic pain that often comes hand in hand. 

But, how can I tell if I’m grinding my teeth if I do it while im asleep? 

Fortunately, for you and your teeth there are a number of ways to identify your nightly habit;

  1. Take a look in the mirror - do your teeth appear to be flat?

Having teeth that are the same length can quite often be as a result of being worn down by grinding night after night. 

  1. Do you often dream about your teeth breaking or falling out? 

There can be some truth behind these otherwise seemingly harmless dreams, and unfortunately, it’s not related to money like you may think. It quite often is an indication of the actual motion of grinding your teeth. 

  1. Do you experience facial or jaw pain?
  1. Do you experience ear aches?
  1. Do you often hear and feel your jaw clicking?
  1. Are your parents or siblings grinders?
  1. Do you have persistent teeth sensitivity?
  1. Do you often have neck pain?
  1. Is waking up with a dull headache a regular occurrence?
  1. Are the edges of your tongue scalloped?

Starting to gain awareness of these signs is the best preventative measure in protecting your pearly whites!